Awesome for Hyperactivity

I love the results. The first day I saw improvement and he came home with a smiley face on his behavior chart the first two days. I noticed myself that he’s actually thinking about things before reacting. I’m so happy we found these vitamins.

Super Mom Loretta
Great Ingredients for Picky Eater

My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!! My son is so picky and he used to have gummy vitamins but it caused issues with his teeth. He ate these with no problem and actually asked every morning for them now! He is 6 and my three year old loves them as well!!

Super Mom Katie
Helps Alleviate ADHD Symptoms

The Clarity Kids supplement helps so much with my son's ADHD attention issues and helps to maintain some semblance of calm during school hours. If you are looking for something to help alleviate some of the ADHD symptoms, I would recommend this to try.

Super Mom Anneke
Best Alternative Omega for Kids!

Finally a product that doesn’t taste fishy!  My kids take it without any issues, I just drop it into their mouths.  And it has the exact amount of DHA EPA ratio I was looking for.  Highly recommend for anyone looking for a plant-based alternative Omega. 

Super Mom Jennifer
Based on All Natural Ingredients

Good formula with rich vitamin and mineral profile, added by organic fruits and veggies concentrated extract. I would recommend it and wouldn't change a thing!

Super Dad Osvaldo